Based on the Law on Commercial Companies and the Statute of Prilepska Pivarnica AD Prilep, the provisions of the Law on Protection of Personal Data, as well as the by-laws of the Agency for the Protection of Personal Data, the Board of Directors of Prilepska Pivarnica AD Prilep at the meeting held on August 12. 2021 brought the following:


  1. What are cookies?

Cookies are small text files, which are placed in a personal computer or mobile phone by the Internet pages that are visited. These text files can be read by the websites you visit and help identify individuals when you visit the same website again.

These text files can be “permanent” or “temporary”. Permanent cookies remain on the personal computer even when the browser is turned off (it will switch to offline mode), while temporary cookies are deleted as soon as the Internet browser is closed. Cookies are used for several purposes, such as to remember activities and consumer preferences (inclusions, language preferences, font size or how to display the page to you), to provide personalized/customized online content page and display its navigation history.


  1. Why are cookies used?

The Company’s website uses cookies for the following reasons:

  • for the technical functioning of the website;
  • for the collection of aggregated and anonymous statistical data;
  • to remember visitors’ preferences for how the page is displayed (display settings preferences), such as colour contrast or font size;
  • to remember whether you agree (or not) with our use of cookies on this website.

When you visit the Company’s website, they may collect some data from the visitor’s search, such as IP address, which content of the website (subpage) was visited, when it was visited and from which website the visitor was redirected.

When visiting the Company’s website, third-party Google Analytics services are used to collect standard access information and details of visitor behaviour, but in a way that does not allow anyone to be identified, nor is it possible for Google to reveal the identity of those who have visited our website.


  1. What kind of cookies are used?

The company uses permanent cookies, which remember the search/session when the user closes the browser, to maintain the user’s state.


  1. Can you delete or control cookies?

Information related to cookies is not used for personal identification. Accepting these cookies is not necessary for the website to work, but they would provide a better browsing experience. These cookies can be deleted or blocked. All cookies that are already on the personal computer can be deleted and most of the search engines can be set to prevent them. If the former is done, it may be necessary to manually adjust preferences each time you visit the website, and it is also possible that some services and functionality may not work.


  1. Change of cookie policy

The policy for the use of cookies will be regularly changed and supplemented according to the changes and activities of the Company.


  1. Cookie policy setting

This Cookie Policy will be posted on the official website of the Company.

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