About us


A brewery that nurtures tradition and quality

“Prilepska Pivarnica – Prilep Brewery” was founded in 1924, and since then the company is continuously investing in the production process, it has been and constantly improving its products’ quality. At the same time, the company is working on creating novelties, driven by reaching high-quality standards.

What is a trademark of Prilepska Pivarnica – Prilep Brewery is high-quality beer, ranging from Zlaten Dab and Krali Marko, as one of the leading domestic brands of beer, to Tuborg and Carlsberg, which are some of the world’s highest quality beers, and their only authorized distributor is Prilepska Pivarnica – Prilep Brewery.

Prilepska Pivarnica – Prilep Brewery also produces a refreshing soft drink Gazoza. As an authorized filler of soft drinks, Prilepska Pivarnica – Prilep Brewery fills the beverages of Pepsi Cola International:

Pepsi, Pepsi Lime, Pepsi Max, 7UP, Mirinda Lemon, and Mirinda Orange.

Prilepska Pivarnica – Prilep Brewery is an importer of Lipton Ice Tea, as well as an authorized importer of products of the famous brand “Knjaz Milos” from Serbia, including: sparkling water Knjaz Milos, non-carbonated water Aqua Viva, energy drink Guarana and non-carbonated fruit juices Tube.

The end consumer has always been an inspiration and motivation for the constant improvement of Prilepska Pivarnica – Prilep Brewery to get the best and the highest quality. The mission of Prilepska Pivarnica – Prilep Brewery is the closeness with its fans, whose trust it has managed to win and continues to confirm with new and exciting products constantly.

Our Mission

The mission of Prilepska Pivarnica – Prlep Brewery is to improve market positions, conquer new markets, protect the interests of the company, and fulfill the personal interests of all employees. We achieve this with the highest quality of our products and services, which fully meet the requirements of consumers following the applicable laws and regulations, respecting the requirements for food safety.

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