Tradition and quality
since 1924

“Prilepska Pivara – Prilep Brewery” was founded in 1924, and since then the company is continuously investing in the production process and constantly improving its products’ quality.

The Path of Quality and Tradition

With continuous investment in the production process since its establishment in 1924 until today, “Prilepska Pivarnica / Prilep Brewery” constantly improves the quality of its existing products and creates new ones.

Today, “Prilepska Pivarnica/ Prilep Brewery” is privately owned. Investments in high technology have also made it one of the most modern breweries in the Balkans. The annual capacity of the brewery is 582,000 hectoliters of beer per year. In addition, it still fills the license drinks Pepsi, Mirinda, 7UP.



How we started

Prilepska Pivarnica / Prilep Brewery was founded. The construction of the first industrial facility in Prilep – Pivara/Brewery was started at the Krbla, Cachorica region.



A steam boiler is installed to brew the beer.


Exclusive right and license for Pepsi Cola and Mirinda

The international drink Pepsi Cola was produced for the first time.


The brewery today

Investments in high technology have also made it one of the most modern breweries in the Balkans. The annual capacity of the brewery is 582.000 hectoliters of beer per year.

The mission of the brewery

The mission of “Prilepska Pivarnica – Prilep Brewery” is to improve market positions, conquer new markets, protect the interests of the company and fulfill the personal interests of all employees.

Taste and quality to be enjoyed

Created in high-quality conditions, Zlaten Dab is a product of modern technology, top equipment, and excellent raw materials, all combined perfectly, thanks to the almost 100-year tradition of the Prilep Brewery (Prilepskata Pivarnica), as well as the full knowledge of beer masters.

They are made from basic raw materials: water, malt, hops, and brewer's yeast.

Investments in a line for the production of beer in glass packaging.

Cold membrane filtration. The brewery has one of the most modern filtrations in Europe.

Beer with an authentic look that follows world trends to create a premium beer brand.

Quality translated into enjoyment.

"Quality is exactly what I recognize and what it means to me at Zlaten Dab. Cheers!"

    Darko Panchev

    Our beers

    Quality translated into enjoyment.

    Perfect to the point, with exciting lines and a modern look, our beers offer you freshness and unique flavor!


    Black beer with a specific aroma, texture, irresistible balanced taste of caramel, coffee smell, and a delicate chocolate finish.


    High-quality beer with golden yellow color, pleasant bitterness, and a clean taste


    Produced according to a traditional recipe, Krali Marko is a high-quality light beer with a fresh look that calls for enjoyment.