With Zlaten Dab, we toast to men’s health

20. Април 2023

Prilep Brewery / Prilepska Pivarnica, with its brand Zlaten Dab, joins the global movement to raise awareness for greater (regular) care for men’s health by implementing the campaign “Movember – Cheers, for men’s health.”

The communication for the Movember campaign took place through specially designed labels on the Zlaten Dab glass bottles, directly targeted the male population, and contributed to raising awareness for conducting regular examinations and early detection of severe diseases. During the campaign, Prilep Brewery / Prilepska Pivarnica will allocate a certain amount of money from each purchased Zlaten Dab beer in glass packaging of 0.33 l and 0.5 l, which will be intended as a donation and is envisaged to be up to 400,000 denars. The funds from the donation will be allocated for the procurement of medical equipment in accordance with the needs of the University Clinic of Urology in Skopje.

„Throughout the world, November is marked by different activities to raise awareness of two common diseases in men, such as testicular cancer and prostate cancer, but also general maintenance of the psychophysical health of men. The symbolic mark of Movember is the mustache, and now you can notice them on the labels of the glass packaging of Zlaten Dab 0.33 l and 0.5 l,” – said Sashko Samardzioski, General Manager of Prilep Brewery / Prilepska Pivarnica.

Prileps Brewery / Prilepska Pivarnica, as part of this global movement, sets a positive example of care and solidarity, raises awareness of overall male health, and appeals for regular doctor visits, disease control, and prevention.

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