History of Prilepska Pivarnica

Prilep Brewery was founded in 1924 (hence the 1924 in the title). That period was characterised by manual production, which grows year after year and at the beginning of the Second World War reaches 8000 hectolitres per annum.

The very beginning of the Second World War deepens the financial difficulties in which the brewery falls into and it stops functioning.

The reactivation of the facilities occurs in 1952 so that in the next 1953, a steam boiler for boiling of the beer was installed. With that technology and 40 employees in the brewery, in 1966 the production jumped to 42,000 hectolitres beer per annum. In that period was the biggest production of dark and light beer “Krali Marko” that was fermented in wooden barrels, and was bottled in glass bottles.

Bigger investment in the Brewery was undertaken in 1972 when the production increased to 86,000 hectolitres of beer.

By overtaking of the management by young highly educated staff, in 1975 the rapid growth of “Prilep Brewery” started as well, and in the next 3 years the production has jumped to 250,000 hectolitres of beer per annum.

“Prilep Brewery” got a production licence for the world brands Pepsi and Mirinda in 1980, so that in 1991 received recognition for the highest sale of Pepsi, with an absolute volume, in the region of former Yugoslavia and Albania.

In 2000 it launched the beer “Zlaten dab”, which is characterised with a high quality and excellent taste.

It expanded its assortment in 2002 by acquiring a licence for production of fruit juices – nectars Bloom.

May 2013 – a new investment with total value of 7.5 million euros is realized in form of a completely new production line for glass bottles filling – for all sodas and beers.

Nowadays “Prilep Brewery” is privately owned. The investments in the high technology have turned it into one of the most modern breweries on the Balkans. The annual capacity of the boiling facility is 582.000 hectolitres of beer per annum. In addition to that, it still bottles the licensed drinks Pepsi, Mirinda, 7UP.

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