Zlaten Dab Dark


Genuine Dark Beer, for the real fans!

Prilep Brewery presents new genuine premium dark beer “Zlaten Dab Dark” made by the recipe of the German most qualified brew masters.

True connoisseurs will recognize its strong character, sophisticated taste and refined texture. Zlaten Dab Dark is characterized by a dark brown color and a dense, yet creamy and supple foam. The combination of an intense fruity aroma and a balanced rich caramel flavor complements the smell of coffee, rounding up each sip with a delicate chocolate finish.

The enjoyment begins with the very first glance and its look and design, and grows even stronger with the ritual of the perfectly poured Zlaten Dab Dark for its fans. The pleasure you take in Zlaten Dab Dark is a ritual in itself, and only the right moves will guide you to perfection! Follow these steps and surrender to the taste of Zlaten Dab Dark.


Step 1 – The right glass

Only the right glass can unveil all secrets of Zlaten Dab Dark.

Make sure to thoroughly wash the glass with cold water and dry it completely, in order to prepare it for the perfectly poured dark beer.


Step 2 – The right angle

Hold the glass at a 45 angle and begin pouring the Zlaten Dab Dark. The dark beer fills the glass all the while being straightened evenly.


Step 3 – The right foam

Towards the end, with the glass completely leveled and from a short distance, create a beautiful firm foam as the crowning jewel of the whole ritual!


Step 4 – The right dark beer

You created the perfect glass of Zlaten Dab Dark! All that is left to do now is to enjoy the taste of real dark beer.



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