Best Brand on Twitter is Zlaten Dab

Zlaten Dab – best company (best brand) on Twitter.

On the last Twitter Award Ceremony held last weekend, Prilep Brewery’s Zlaten Dab was chosen the best Twitter brand. Large number of other companies and brands were competing for this award, yet Zlaten Dab was the brand winning Macedonian Twitter community with its unique online communication, of course underlining its beer quality.

Always present during times of enjoyment, pleasure and rewards, Zlaten Dab quickly managed to become twitter users’ favorite beer – they are regularly mentioning it in the tweets and they regularly post personal enjoyment photos with Zlaten Dab.

Twitter users, and all other Dab lovers, let’s toast to this important award, with desire and promise for lots of other future successes and achievements! Zlaten Dab wishes you all the best for New Year and Christmas, inviting you to follow the @Zlaten_Dab in the 2015!

zlaten dab twitter

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