PEPSI Prize Winning Game

PEPSI Prize Winning Game will take place between May 15th and July 2nd 2014. Play for a chance to win a prize from daily and weekly drawings, or for a major prize in a televised ceremony on Sitel Television on 9th of July, 2014, at 18:45h.

PEPSI Prize Winning Game involves 0.25l glass bottles and 0.5l and 1.5l PET bottles, in the following manner:


pepsi 0,25l

SMS Prize Game – 0.25l glass bottle

Order a PEPSI, enjoy, trace the unique code on the back of the label, send it through a SMS to a 14 15 15 and wait for a surprise.

The SMS price is 5 denars + VAT.

These codes are participating in daily and weekly award drawings.

There are daily (15:00h every day) drawings of 14 PEPSI hats and 15 PEPSI T-shirts, and weekly (00:00h Sunday) drawings of two tablets.

Winning codes will be published on PEPSI Web Page, while the prizes could be acquired at our authorized dealers.



pepsi 1,5l

“Under the label” Prize Game – 0.5l and 1.5l PET bottles

Buy 0.5l or 1.5l PEPSI and check the back of the label. If your label is winning this is an instant prize.

The prizes are 21168 PEPSI glasses, 300 PEPSI beach towels, 2000 footballs, and gratis drinks – i.e. you can win another 0.5l or 1.5l bottle.

Non-winning labels can participate for the main prizes: five Sony Bravia television sets and one Mazda 3 car.

Gather at least 4.5l of non-winning labels and together with your data send those to our address:

Prilep Brewery

Cane Kuzmanoski 1

7500 Prilep

Republic of Macedonia

The major prizes drawing will be televised on Sitel Television on 9th of July, 2014, at 18:45h.

Prizes can be acquired at our authorized dealers.


Official rules of PEPSI Prize Winning Game! (macedonian only)


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